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Entrepreneurship Training Improves Self-Sufficiency

Elimu recently offered an entrepreneurship workshop for the parents (mostly single Mums) of our sponsored students. Three presenters trained participants on how to generate income from home-based businesses. Among the trainers was Teresia, a parent herself.

In the past, Teresia relied on a meagre income from cleaning houses and she and her two children often went without the basic needs of life.

That’s why in 2016, Elimu stepped in to keep her son in high school. Early last year, we assisted her with the little capital she needed to be able to purchase items to start producing household soap and bleach at home.

By selling these products in 1/2 to 5 litre quantities, Teresia has started gaining sufficient income to cover her rent and daily needs. When we invited her to share her skills with other parents, she was initially reluctant about speaking in front of a group.

But once she got started, she found the joy in sharing her knowledge with others. Teresia is also part of the savings and loan group we established for parents. We’ll continue mentoring Teresia and other parents in the year head with ideas to help them become more self-sufficient.