Elimu means EDUCATION in Swahili

Elimu creates pathways out of poverty through education.

How do We Help?

Elimu is on the Ground

We are an international development organization that runs projects in Kenya to help children live life to the fullest through access to education and a healthy living environment.  

Elimu is not a Typical Charity

We empower communities to help themselves. While Elimu provides leadership and resources, our goal is for the community to sustain its own development through education and the formation of micro-businesses.

Elimu has a Volunteer Presence Across the Globe

Elimu has official nonprofit status in Canada, Kenya, and the USA.

Upendo School

Upendo School is a newly built school that houses nursery to primary students from the surrounding Sabaki community.

Heri Ministry Sewing Project

Heri Ministries Sewing Project takes teenage girls from difficult home lives and provides them with income generating skills and a chance to start their own micro-businesses.

Nyumbani Kwetu Home

Nyumbani Kwetu is a sponsored family home providing education and housing for 14 children all related through one grandmother.

Elimu Resource Center

Elimu Resource Center — a digital hub for learners — provides valuable educational tools and self-directed study skills to help students build self-drive and confidence.

Stay In School Project

Our “Stay in School” project identifies children at risk of dropping out of school due to poverty, illness or other crisis and provides what they need to keep them in school.


Elimu-USA eReader Appeal

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Elimu Resource Centre uses digital technology to deliver scarce educational resources to vulnerable students in Kenya so that they can succeed in their studies.
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Support all of ELIMU's projects and campaigns.
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$25 and Me Campaign

1% Donated/$2,950 To Go
This $25 & Me campaign connects your generous donation with a Kenyan student who will be outfitted for the new school year beginning in January 2019.
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4% Donated/$9,550 To Go
Tri-Make A Difference By Supporting Our Heri Sewing Scholars. Together we can help vulnerable young teenagers learn life skills that will allow them to be financially independent and viable.
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LA River Run, April 2016

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Improving Access to Education

Upendo Early Education Center is a newly built school that houses nursery through elementary students from the surrounding impoverished community of Sabaki Village.
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Digital Resources for Impoverished Students

Elimu has established an educational resource center in Kenya with computers, tablets with access to a robust digital library, educational software, and online training programs.
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Small Business Skills for Vulnerable Women

Heri Ministries takes teenage girls from difficult backgrounds and teaches them sewing skills so they may become independent members of their communities.
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