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LA Designer Teams With Elimu Sewing Girls For Paris Launch!

Elimu hosted a special guest in Malindi in August, Shannon Ashford – fashion designer, entrepreneur and founder of She’s a creative spirit with a heart for changing the world for the better. Her special line of designer jumpsuits are made with fabrics produced from recycled plastic. Plastic bottles are a particular problem all over Africa so her approach is sure to help clean up the continent!

Why Malindi? Along with sourcing her fabrics here, she wants to work with African artisans to produce her socially and environmentally conscious clothing line.

When she learned about Elimu’s sewing project in America, Shannon reached out to Elimu-USA chairperson, Cindy Rodriguez who connected her with Malindi.

At the Heri Ministries sewing workshop, she trained a small but eager group of Elimu sewing graduates and sponsored students to create her signature jumpsuit. In the days that followed, the creative juices flowed and the African flare for powerful color was infused into her designs. New ideas developed and co-created by her willing and energetic team of women. It was a wonderful first-time experience for these young Kenyans! Most amazing of all – their handiwork is on its way to Paris! Shannon will be presenting her African designs at Paris Fashion Week in September. We will all be watching with bated breath!

An excellent role model to youth, Shannon took time away from jumpsuit designing to share her story with the students attending Elimu Resource Centre during the August school holidays. They also learned how to be mindful while designing fashion and contribute to cleaning up our planet. Her presentation encouraged the young seamstresses to pursue creative ideas that can help their local community, better the world and at the same time gain an income and a budding career.

Shannon was inspired by the response from students, who recognized that plastic litter is a huge problem in their own communities. She noted that “the students have an incredible work ethic and it was exciting to see them so inspired by the idea of turning trash into something useful.”

Before returning to Los Angeles, Shannon and her Malindi team successfully produced a series of her Africa-style jumpsuits for her Paris Fashion Week launch in September. They combined bright African fabrics with Tomfoolery’s unique jersey fabric produced from recycle bottles. A gorgeous, sustainable line materialized! If all goes well, Tomfoolery will be setting up production in Kenya. We are all praying for good success!

Grab a sneak peak at her Paris line, Click Here: