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Elimu-USA eReader Appeal

$781 of $16,000 raised
Elimu Resource Centre uses digital technology to deliver scarce educational resources to vulnerable students in Kenya so that they can succeed in their studies.
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$781 of $10,000 raised
Support all of ELIMU's projects and campaigns.
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$25 and Me Campaign

$1,105 of $3,000 raised
This $25 & Me campaign connects your generous donation with a Kenyan student who will be outfitted for the new school year beginning in January 2019.
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$11,670 of $10,000 raised
Tri-Make A Difference By Supporting Our Heri Sewing Scholars. Together we can help vulnerable young teenagers learn life skills that will allow them to be financially independent and viable.
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LA River Run, April 2016

$0 of $10,000 raised
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