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Elimu’s 2nd Annual Digital Fashion Show Was a Hit

We piloted the fashion show in 2016 at the sewing college, as an opportunity for the students to showcase the exciting new designs they created from their internet research. It was such a success we decided to take the event out to the community this year. We partnered with National Museums of Kenya, who provided the venue and Watabaka Music who provided the sound and lighting. Our MC was an Elimu alumni, Ibrahim of Nyumbani Kwetu, who is Malindi on holidays from his college course in Interior Design. Fabrics were kindly donated by two individuals from the Boston area in the USA. Staff and students at Heri Ministries Sewing College focused all their efforts, so that the girls could each prepare two unique outfits for presentation. Even our founder, Nina Chung, took part, modeling a new outfit sewn for her by the students. The fashion show was Elimu’s first opportunity to employ a Facebook Live post.

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