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Making a Greater Impact

In February, Elimu Resource Centre moved from its previous one-room facility to our wonderful new four-storey location. The new Centre has greatly expanded our impact in the community. During 2017, with space for 80 visitors, we received around 8,000 student visits. At our new location, with room to welcome over 250 students daily, we recorded 6,500 student visits in April and August alone. Those are the school holiday months.

Children in Kenya don’t get to relax in the school holidays. The ones who want to succeed at school spend their holidays getting their hands on the textbooks they don’t have access to in the classroom. Students are also given long lists of homework and projects to complete. In the past, the children of Malindi (where we are based) had few options for getting ahead in the holidays. Today, they can come to Elimu Resource Centre and use our eReaders packed with all the textbooks they need; access math and science tutorials and digital storybooks on our computers and tablets, and view videos and DVDs to boost their knowledge of many topics. With schools closed in November and December, the Centre is again brimming with activity (even the balconies become study halls). The new school year begins in January in Kenya.